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4 Hour Class!

Spend 4 hours in class and 1 hour at the range to get your Texas CHL. This is all you need to get your license and you will never need another renewal class. I teach the class using Powerpoint with numerous built-in videos and real examples.

After the class, I guarantee you will understand all the laws pertaining to having a CHL and you will feel confident about carrying your concealed handgun. Sign-up using the “Abilene or Dallas Class Schedule” link on the menu above.

Lowest Price in TX!

At $59, my price is the lowest in Texas! It includes all classroom and range fees, pizza, snacks, drinks, and coffee. You will just have to pay your fee to the state ($140), unless you are a veteran ($25) or active duty military (FREE) and fingerprints ($10). Total cost is $209 to get your CHL!

Unlike some other classes, I don’t try to save money by teaching the class at my house or taking you to an open field to shoot. We will complete the classroom portion in a professional, reserved meeting room and I will take you to a fully insured range to shoot.

Best Class In TX!

I have been teaching this class for over 3 years and have taught over 1000 happy students.  I guarantee you will also be 100% happy with the class.

I am an expert military handgun marksman, an NRA Certified Handgun Instructor, and hold a Federal Firearms License. I also have a Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M and a Master’s degree from the University of Texas-Austin. I assure you that I will teach the class with the same professionalism that I use in my primary career.